Give me some sugar!

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and although I was working I found time to celebrate.  RJ was decked out as usual (is it wrong to play dress up with your kids? he)

1st St Patricks Day!

Dad was less than thrilled about the glittery top hat on his son but, hey, St. Patty’s comes once a year right?!

So, I made some green food…

I know, I know, salad for a holiday meal?? Gotta lose that baby weight 🙂

…had a St. Patty’s day cocktail…

…and got to work!  I decided to whip up some sweet little shower scrub sugar cubes.  Just add water and rub over wherever exfoliation is needed! These rustic little sugar babies (green for the occasion of course!) are the perfect solution for dry skin, especially out here in the desert.  Made from goats milk and olive oil, they work tripple duty to clean, smooth and moisturize.  Perfect! 

Now I’m off to work on the website…fingers crossed we’ll be up and running for business by April!  Until then, follow us here, visit us on Facebook, or write to us at


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