Stayin’ Motivated!

What a weekend!  I am proud to announce that soap4squares was sponsored to run the Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run in Tucson, AZ!  We had a blast!

**Thanks to our sponsors at &!!**

Turns out this “race” was more of a fun-run to get dirty which is more my style  😉

The course was so much fun!  There were mud pits, net climbs, water obstacles and…yes, more mud!

As Gina@Combat Bet says, I had to “Stay Motivated”.  There were rocks in the mud and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it!  OUCH!  Ok, so it’s just a few scratches but I felt tough!  I also got my first sunburn of the season…summer is upon us!!

So I ran, climbed, crawled, fell…and then repeated it all!   My favorite obstacle was the long mud “puddle” in the last half-mile stretch that happened to drop off to waist deep level in the middle without notice.  YAY!  So I dragged myself out of the muck, literally, and finished the course with a smile.



I had a running start for my final belly slide through a foam covered slip-n-slide that led right up to the finish line.   I’m just too classy for words, I know!


And to the victor goes the spoils!!


I have to say, the best part of this run was the $free.99 frosty beverage we were awarded for finishing.   It was much needed.



After all of that excitement however, I had to get to work!  First up, I had to make my dear friend Stephanie a few tokens of my appreciation for watching my two unruly beasts (dogs) while we were out of town…one of the perks of owning a soap company is you can pay your friends in product 🙂

I whipped up some Grapefruit Salt Soak, a Hibiscus Rose Bath Bomb, and put a few Patchouli Sugar Cubes in a mason jar.   Then I got to work on developing my new line of military themed soaps! Up this weekend, the infamous hand grenade soap.  After a mishap with creating a silicone mold (think a cloud of dust in the kitchen, coughing fits, etc), I finally ended up with a soap my husband was proud to hand model for heh…let’s not tell him I wrote that…

It was a little rough around the edges but, I’ve since perfected my mold so these soaps are eerily realistic.  They’ll be sure to startle your guests when they reach for the soap in the guest bathroom! Okay, maybe not, but they’ll get a good laugh!

Now, I’m ready to roll out a dirt-blasting product (squares love a good pun, right! hah!) to the people!  These powerful little soaps are made with goats milk and all natural colorants to achieve a gentle yet powerful product with, ahem if I do say so myself, some of the creamiest lather out there.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on claymore soap, napalm bars (who doesn’t love the smell of it in the morning??), and ammo can candles.   Check back as I develop these products…I’ll be giving them away to lucky testers for feedback! “Like” us on Facebook to enter, follow us on Twitter, and we won’t disappoint!!


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