It’s Alive!!!

That’s right kiddos, the site is up and running!  We finally got our act together and made our products available to the people!

Your favorites are all available with a few new additions.  

In addition to the house favorite, our military themed grenades, we’ve added some fun bath bombs and goats milk rebatch soaps.

Our Oatmeal Cookie soap smells good enough to eat…but don’t! It’s soap silly!

Our Birthday Cake Cupcake Bath Bomb isn’t too shabby either! Also, not edible!  (Again, it’s soap silly!) These sweet treats are big enough to scent two baths but I often like to drop a whole one in for a sweet soak!

Also, we’ve included our “Soap4Squares Soap Lab” experiments! (Above) Here we offer our soapy experiments at a discounted price so the people can try ’em out and weigh in on whether or not we should carry them full time!

Check back with us as we start our “Bent and Dent” section! Every now and again, a batch just doesn’t turn out right.  A mold malfunctions or a batch turns an icky color.  These soaps are ugly but perfectly fine for use.  At Soap4Squares, we would like to believe that even ugly soaps deserve a good home and shower (at a heavily discounted price, of course!).

We’re so excited to start making bath time fun for you! Email us at with any questions.  Otherwise, head on over to our site and get shopping!

Check back to get limited time promo codes and updates on new products (there’s two new soap bars coming out in the next few weeks…they involve a mustache and camouflage!)

Soap4Squares: Clean doesn’t have to mean boring!


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