Bent n Dent

We’ve just added a whole new section to our site called the Bent n Dent soaps!  Every soap company knows the trials and tribulations of the batch that went awry! Sometimes a corner chips off when un-molding or a color comes out all wrong.  OR, in our case, our mustache comes out crooked! EEK! We can’t have that, now can we?

This lovely new soap smells of tobacco, fruit and spice…so nice!!  BUT, it just doesn’t look how we planned.  Oh well!  Our loss is your gain!  Try them out for just $3.50 a pop!

We’ve also included some of our other soaps that didn’t make the usual cut: grenades, mini oatmeal cookies (they came out a little smaller than we like), and the mustache soap in a translucent blue.   If you want to know what specific defect a bar of soap has, just email us and we’ll let you know!

Now, get to soapin’!




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