So, it’s been a while…

Well, kiddos, it’s been a while since we’ve stopped by to blog about our on-the-edge life of soaping and excitement!  We’ve been super busy working on new products and participating in local events so hopefully this will bring us up to speed!

About a month ago Soap4Squares was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Bramble Berry Athletic Club (BBAC).  I ran the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon!

Well, a slow jog may be a more accurate description of what I did but never-the-less, I completed it!  Hey now, 13.1 miles is no small feat!

The racing event was beautiful (downtown San Diego, not too shabby!) and our participation in the race contributed to two wonderful charities: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and HelpHopeLive which benefits the Transplant and Catastrophic Injury Fund.  Bramble Berry made a super generous donation to HelpHopeLive and our entry fees went towards Leukemia & Lymphoma research.   Buuut, no good deed goes unpunished…my feet were throbbing for days! heh

We keed, we keed!   Seriously though, we were continuously inspired by fellow runners who wore displays on their shirts of friends and family members affected by cancer or illness that they were running for.  When things got tough, it helped me remember why I was running and that others would be here too if they could be!

Next, we came home and got to work on filling orders and getting our authorized retailers geared up with Soap4Squares products!   Our most recent authorized retailer to join in the Soap4Squares soaping fun is S4 Tactical Gear and Clothing in Destin, FL!  They are a super rad tactical store that carries practically anything you could ever want for your tactical needs!  Check them out online (they have a new online store!) or go see them in person!   They have amazing customer service and offer a suh-weet 10% discount on everything for military, law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS!  They now proudly carry the Soap4Squares B.O. Blaster grenades in Smoky Patchouli and Pink Grapefruit and are running a contest through their Facebook page giving away free gear and some of our loot… go check ’em out!  Do it!

Well, that’s a start to catching you guys up on where we’ve been at…no we weren’t hibernating from the summer heat as it appeared 🙂  Check back as we update with posts about our customized party favors and my adventure up and down the Pacific Coast Highway (first vay-cay sans baby, woo hoo!)

As always, keep your bath-time anything but square with fun and original Soap4Squares bath-time products!


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