Crossfit, Cupcakes and Cold Drinks

Crossfit. Is. My. New. Obsession!

Monday through Friday, I get a blissful hour to myself sans baby or work or husband to workout and get cuh-razy!   I’ve never enjoyed any exercise this much in my life!  Everyday is new, different and challenging.  Every workout pushes me a little harder and makes me a little stronger.  I absolutely love how I can suck at something one week and make insane progress on the same exercise in just a week or two.  The people are amazing too!  Everyone is super supportive and nonjudgmental.  Love love love! Had a fantastic WOD this morning with the Saturday crew at Crossfit Yuma!  My amazing husband braved RJ time alone so that I could get an extra workout in…I’m a lucky lady!  I’ll be posting updates on my Crossfit progress as the weeks go by…I know, you’re super excited! hehe

Again, love love love!  As anyone who has traveled to the Southwest can attest, it is characteristically dry and hot.  Well, it rained this week, which only happens about 4 times each year.  Of course, the city went into crisis…power went out all over Yuma, people were terrified to drive their cars in the drizzle, and (worst of all) it got HUMID.  Ugh. Humidity blows when it’s 90 degrees but it REALLY blows when it’s 113 out.  Oh yea.  That’s right.  I was a beautiful sweaty mess but, hey.  What are ya gonna do? Anyways, I went home and jumped right into my pool.  Ahhh.  Then I cracked open my new favorite frosty adult beverage, a Shock Top Summer Shandy.  Mmmm.  Beer and lemonade in one frosty bottle.  Summer in a glass, if you will.  I was planning to take a picture of myself relaxing in the pool for you all but, well, I got relaxed and forgot!  It was fabulous!

In other news, I played around in Photoshop today and worked on a little blog header action utilizing pictures of one of my fav products we have…Cupcake Bath Bombs.  I’ve been eating a modified Paleo diet for a while now so they are a great way to enjoy dessert without calories or guilt (or carbs)!  The header is a work in progress but its better than nothing!  Hopefully we’ll have a new one up soon that isn’t so “fly by night” looking!

Cool off and get fresh this summer with Soap4Squares!  We make bath time anything but square!


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