Why, hellooooo there!!

So, after my third day of eating Crunchy Cheetos, going-away-party-cakes, and having indigestion, I decided to get back to my paleo roots and detox a wee bit.  Paleo is kind of eating like a cave man for those who aren’t familiar.  Well, not really, but kind of.  Anyway, it pretty much rocks!

So! I whipped up a relatively new recipe from the epic blog PaleOMG (one of my FAVS!).   I made an amazing batch of grilled pineapple burgers..mmmm!!  Check the PaleOMG blog out here!

Started off with a little avocado in the blender for some avocado cream…

It got a little messy but I stayed committed to the cause!!   When I cook my own food, it’s worth it!!

Fresh citrus for the avocado cream…awww yea baby! (Am I the only one who thinks the limes look like venus fly-traps??? I digress…)

Grillin’ time!  My wonderful husband covered this part for me 😉


Delicious burgers sizzlin’ on tha grill!

AND the final product…yes, I know, my food photography is terrible.  See the dream kiddos!  Organic beef burgers with grilled pineapple, onions and avocado cream.  Mmmhmmmmm!

That’s RJ in the background to the right awaiting the final product…

aaaaannnnd success!!  He loved it…if RJ loves it, it’s a winner in this house!

Now, I know you all think that was the most exciting blog post EVER.   I know, I was on the edge of my seat too.  HA!  In case you want to grace your table with this fab paleo-rific treat, the recipe can be found on PaleOMG here!

Now, hold on to your hats, because what I have to share next will blow your mind.  That’s right…I spent the rest of my paleo-rific night drinking wine and….

PLAYING SCRABBLE.  Game rec’nize game!

Does anyone else see how I almost had: E-I-E-I-O…like Old Macdonald crazy kids!!   I am a Square after all 😉

Happy Thursday!  Here’s to a great Friday!  Make it a good one!


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