What’s New!

This year, we’re trying something new!  We got into the soapy business because, well, we like making soap!  It’s fun!  And, in fashion with our small batch production style, from now on we will make a small batch of certain soaps and then…they’ll be gone!!  Keeps it interesting and keeps new products on the market for you!  Hey, we don’t want bath time to be boring or square do we?!  Nope!

So, here’s a few items that are new to the Soap4Squares online store right now!!

The ever refreshing Head to Toe Rosemary Tea Tree Bar! Really!  Head to Toe!  Shampoo to regular soap..this one rocks!
teatreerosemarySalted Frosted Caramel Cider Bar…oh, it’s as good as it sounds!
IMG_3381 The Buttered Almond Biscotti Bar – so yummy!almondbiscotti

We’ve also got a new line from which 100% of the profits are donated to non-profit charity! More on that to come!

To keep bath time anything but square, shop Soap4Squares!


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