Art Walk Love!

Soap4Squares does have an online store where many of our soapy products are available however, our real passion is meeting our fantastic customers in person and selling our soapy creations face-to-face at local art walks and farmers markets!  This week we were at the Downtown Chandler Art Walk and we had a blast!

At farmers markets and art walks, we are able to offer products exclusive to the event we’re at.  These might be new experimental soaps, early releases, bent-n-dent discounts, etc.   Either way, we think its a great way to get immediate feedback from our customers and discuss the details of each new item!   This week we exclusively offered the Lilac Lavender Soap Bar (purple below), the Sunshine Lemon Soap Bar (yellow below), and two new Fresh Sugar Scrubs (in oh-so-cute mason jars!).   These items were so popular, and so many people asked where to buy them until next month’s Art Walk, that we might start carrying them online!


We also debuted two new early-release soap bars this week at the Art Walk that we’re super excited to start carrying in our online store! The Blueberry Green Tea Soap Bar (swirly below) and the Frankincense Soap Bar (brown below)!  These bad boys will be available in March 2013!

IMG_3446Here’s some more eye candy from the art walk…the next Downtown Chandler Art Walk is March 15th.  Come out and see us!  You just never know what we’ll bring with us!!   We would love to get your input and get you on your way to a shower experience that’s anything but square! 🙂

IMG_3445Fun soapy-fizzy business card holders…

IMG_3443Fun packaging for sale!

IMG_3444Beautiful soap on display!

Shop Soap4Squares kids 🙂 Shop Soap4Squares.


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