Make Art, Use Soap!

Our little guy LOVES to get messy.  Therefore, it is truly a blessing there is always some soap lying around to clean him up!  This weekend we explored the adventures of finger painting!  Anyone who has ever seen any toddler knows that everything they touch goes directly into their mouths.  It’s pretty awesome sometimes, the things we find him trying to eat! (note: sarcasm – it is not awesome to find your child eating dirt! hehe)

Enter: Edible Finger Paints! (Thank you Momtastic on Pinterest for your inspiration!)


RJ loved these!! Yes, he ate the paint almost as often as he actually painted with it BUT he had a blast and I could let him paint/explore freely without worry!

Edible Finger Paints:

2 tbsp white sugar

1/3 cup white flour

2 cups water

Pinch table salt

Plastic (I used Solo) cups

Food coloring

Mixing Utensils

Directions: In a small sauce pan, whisk the sugar, flour, salt and water together over medium heat.  Continue stirring constantly until the mixture is thick and a little bubbly.  It takes a few minutes but when the mixture thickens it happens quickly.  Keep your eye on the stove so you don’t make glue! 🙂

Divide the mixture evenly into as many cups as you’d like (I used four colors = four cups!).  Add as little or as much food coloring as you’d like to each cup until your desired color is achieved.  I noticed that with 4-6 drops of coloring, the paints were a nice hue but slightly translucent on the paper.  Just sayin!

Allow to cool, and let your little tot paint to their heart’s content!


I used an old egg carton to keep the paints separated and accessible for small hands/fingers.  Had I given him the cups my kitchen would have been done for!

Don’t forget, clean up is anything but square with Soap4Squares!


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