DIY Fresh Sugar Scrub Tutorial

As you may know, we sell our fresh, juicy sweet sugar scrubs exclusively at local craft fairs and farmers markets (we haven’t figured out a way to ship them to you without charging a ton for shipping!).  We understand that waiting an entire month to renew your sugar scrub supply can be tedious SO we’ve decided to post our favorite quick-whip (i.e. super quick, easy, and cheap) sugar scrub recipe for a fresh sugar scrub you can make and use at home until the next Soap4Squares event rolls around!  This recipe calls for sweet almond oil.  Olive oil or coconut oil are our favorite alternatives if you can’t find any sweet almond oil at your local grocer or craft store.  In this particular recipe, I love how the toasty scent of the sweet almond oil balances the tart, juicy grapefruit fragrance!  This recipe doesn’t contain a preservative so we don’t recommend bottling this for sale.  Use shortly after it’s made to ensure freshness!


Fresh Grapefruit Sugar Scrub


3/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup sweet almond oil

1/2 tsp grapefruit fragrance or essential oil (we used Bramble Berry Pink Grapefruit)

Glass mixing container

Mixing utensil

Measuring cups/measuring spoons



Stir the sweet almond oil and fragrance oil together in your glass container.   Pour in the sugar.  Mix thoroughly.  You should have a clumpy textured scrub with no extra oil pockets or dry sugar pockets.  If you do, mix a bit more or add a bit more sweet almond oil.


I choose not to add any colorants or dyes to my quick-whip scrub, but you certainly can!  Ensure the colorant you are using is skin safe and doesn’t stain!   Transfer your scrub into a shower safe container and get to scrubbing!


Remember to scrub away from the water stream, or if using in the tub, lift your arm/leg/etc above the water line.  If you lather in the water or in the shower stream, the sugar will melt quickly!  NOTE: This scrub will make your tub or shower slippery.  Soap carefully!

For more handcrafted deliciousness for the bath, head to Soap4Squares!


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