St. Patty’s Inspiration: Part 1

It’s that green time of year again and oh how we love Pinterest for its crafty inspiration!  Right now you can find a number of pins inspiring fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day holiday crafts for toddlers!   RJ loves to paint so we decided on two crafty excursions that allowed him to paint and create adorable gifts for the grandparents!

First up, was the long distance “hug” (so cute).



Using yellow construction paper, your toddler, and washable finger paints, make two green handprints near the center of the construction paper.  Once dry, cut around the handprints to form two circular “gold coins”.  With green ribbon approximately 1 ft long, use white school glue to paste each end of the ribbon to the back of each gold coin hand print.  (When stretched out it should look like a long dumbbell).  Allow to dry overnight to set the glue.  Now grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc, can get a “hug” from where ever they are in the mail!

Next we made RJ’s “leprechaun foot prints” next to his “pot of gold”!



He really enjoyed this one as it used his feet, fun tactile ribbons, glue AND paint!  This one kept us busy for a good 15 minutes or so!  (And warning, required a bit of cleanup!  Protect your surfaces!!)



Using washable finger paints, make two green footprints in a walking pattern on the left side of white construction paper.  Allow to dry.  Using an old egg crate as a paint container (see pic below), guide your toddler through the colors of the rainbow one at a time to paint a “rainbow” on your sheet.  This was a great learning experience, teaching him the colors! Once dry, use white school glue to make a grid of glue just below the bottom of your rainbow.  Give your tot pieces of cut up gold ribbon to press into the glue lines in any pattern they want!  Once they are done, a little TLC with the glue to get all the ribbons to stick might be necessary!

Allow to dry over night, then hang or ship to where ever you desire!  Grandparents love a little visit from their favorite leprechaun! 🙂

My favorite accessory in finger paint operations is an old egg crate.  Its an easy tool to organize colors and allow your tot to safely paint on their own!  Also, easy and quick cleanup!  With as many colors as we had, I’d say this carton was a success!


Part 2: St. Patrick’s Day Baking Inspiration coming soon!  And don’t forget to clean up after craft time with fun soaps from Soap4Squares!



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