DIY Dye-able Easter Egg Soaps

It’s almost Easter!  Candy! Bunnies!  Oh so much fun!

We’ve created a super fun, kid-friendly project that doubles as a gift and a cute craft!  DIY dye-able Easter egg soaps!


These cute little eggs can be tucked into an Easter basket and then “dyed” with the kiddos on Easter or you can dye them as a pre-Easter festivity!  These are also a great way to make dying Easter eggs a tradition in a vegan environment! 🙂



4 DIY dyeable easter egg soaps

liquid or gel food coloring

paint brush


optional: small mixing dishes and liquid glycerin or water

To DIY dye those eggs:  You can drop food coloring directly onto the eggs and smear with a paint brush however, mixing gel food colors with a bit of water or mixing water based food colors with a bit of liquid glycerin are different options that make this project a little less messy!


Mix a few drops of your food coloring of choice with either water or liquid glycerin.  Mix well.  Using a paintbrush, slather on some color to those eggs in whatever design you want!  Keep in mind, you will rinse these later so don’t be shy with the coloring!


Allow the eggs to sit for 3-5 minutes on a papertowel, or other surface protector that can soak up excess dye drips!


Rinse very briefly under cold water.  You don’t want to rub the soaps or rinse them for long…you are just rinsing off the excess color that hasn’t adsorbed! (And, you don’t want your soap to start sudsing!)


Allow the eggs to sit out and dry for a few minutes…and they’re ready!  So simple and fun!


Hands a mess from all the diy dye-ing? Well, these eggs are SOAP!  A perfect segway into using them!  Take those kiddos to wash up with their new creations!  They are bound to make bath time interesting!



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