Easter Prep & Last Minute Gift Ideas…

Bunnies and eggs and candy, oh my! 🙂  I am so excited for Easter this year!  We are doing our first Easter egg hunt with RJ.  Next weekend will be jam packed so today, I’m prepping his basket and having a blast!

IMG_3577I know you see that ombre blue Easter basket!  RJ is just so trendy!

IMG_3578Packing eggs for his first egg hunt has been fun however, I had to keep repeating “I will not eat all my child’s candy.  I will not eat all my child’s candy!” Those Reese’s eggs are my fav!  Apparently they are my husband’s also…I found a few empty wrappers in the bag!

IMG_3579Success! I can’t wait until he gets his hands on that bubble gun…it’s going to get real!  Now to keep him from finding it for a week…

Now on to gifts!  For just about every holiday I like to take my friends and coworkers a little something to feel festive!  This year its still chilly enough at night in Arizona for a fire, a drink, and conversation with good friends.  With that theme in mind, and my love for peeps, I made an adorable little Easter favor that is fun and functional for this time of year (that won’t take an hour to bake in the kitchen)!   These are adapted from an adorable Valentine’s Day favor idea from…where else?…Pinterest!


Peeps S’mores 

Makes 8 peep favors – Time – 20-30 minutes

Eight Bunny Peeps

8 graham crackers

4 full size chocolate bars

Favor bags/sandwich bags

Colorful paper or cards



Optional: Ribbon

Break each chocolate bar and graham cracker in half.  Divide your materials into piles of two graham cracker halves, one chocolate bar half, and one bunny peep.


Place your graham crackers, chocolate square, and bunny peep into individual favor bags (found in your local craft store or the party section of some grocery stores – note: a sandwich bag will also work).  Switch up how you place the ingredients in the bags until you find a combination you like.  I prefer the bunny Peep on display in the front!


Cut your colorful paper or cards into small squares.

IMG_3585Now write fun Easter and s’mores messages on the cards to let peeps (ha get it?) know what the gift is and what it’s for!

IMG_3586Here is where you can make this a truly last minute gift or a crafty work of genius!  You can either staple the card to the bag or slip it inside with the contents OR you can punch a hole in the card and the treat bag and secure the tag to the bag with a pretty pastel ribbon! (Can we say run-on sentence?!)


RJ’s nap time was nearly over when I made these so I opted for the staple to the bag route.  I might spruce them up later!

We hope your Easter prep is going well too and that next weekend is fun, filled with family and care-free!

Have a favorite Easter gift or craft?  We’d love to see it!



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