We want to make S.O.A.P and get your S.O.A.P.y opinion!

We are constantly asked how we get our round bars of soap so perfectly round.   Well, we’ve decided to let you in on our little secret!

IMG_3533We are in perfectly-round-circle-LOVE with the Bramble Berry Column Mold!  It is super user friendly, extremely affordable (i.e. it allows us to sell you those perfect circle soaps at a decent price!!), and it comes from a company with a vision and heart we can trust!

IMG_3444Design options with the mold are endless!  Swirls, added herbs, solid gelled colors, and more!

IMG_3448IMG_3535We love this mold so much!  And now you know how we make those fabulous round soaps that you love so much!

We are super excited to let you in on another little secret~  We’ll be releasing perfectly round bars of SHAVING soap in April 2013!   They are still curing in the tubes as we speak, so you’ll have to wait for pictures!  But, as Anne Marie of Bramble Berry says, Patience is a Soap Making Virtue!

We are so excited to share this company and their products with you!  They are wonderful about providing the best products to their customers and they even involve us in choosing these awesome products from time to time!

The fragrance oil S.O.A.P. panel is about to start for the summer season and we would adore a chance to participate!  S.O.A.P. stands for Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel and we would love to give our awesome soapy opinions on Bramble Berry’s newest line of prospective fragrances!

We feel (without any bias of course 🙂 ), that we would be an excellent participant in this panel due to our love for trying creative, new things and our ability to interact face to face with our wonderful customers on a regular basis! If chosen, we’ll be presenting soapy samples of the newest anonymous fragrances at the next Downtown Chandler Art Walk on April 19th!  Again, IF we are chosen, you’ll get a chance to have an up close and personal sniff of each soapy sample and then tell us exactly what you think!

What we want to know now is: What would you love to see us make with these fragrances and bring to the next art walk? Bath fizzies?  Glycerin soaps?  Sugar Scrubs?   Comment below or on our Facebook Fan Page and let us know!

Curious about this Bramble Berry we keep talking about?  Check them out!  We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do 🙂


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