We’re Gettin’ S.O.A.P.y

Well kiddos, the Soap4Squares fam just returned from an amazingly fun and much needed family vaycay….and I must say: OMG OMG OMG…they’re here!!!!  I came home to the most wonderful greeting EVER.  My S.O.A.P. team box of mystery fragrances from Bramble Berry!!


This gorgeous brown box awaited me and (of course) I got right down to sniffy business!!  My first reaction was to hyperventilate…then I opened the box = )


The initial presentation of the fragrances was adorable!  After I lifted away the fun welcome note, and carefully opened the S.O.A.P. sticker and matching tissue paper (so cute), I found a cornucopia of scented wonder awaiting me!


Is there anything more beautiful than the glow of an amber glass fragrance bottle in the morning light?  Nope, I didn’t think so either! hehe



As I carefully, removed the protective tape, I wondered what the scents would be.  Spicy?  Sweet?  Herbal?  Floral?!  Oh, the suspense was terrible!!


I whipped out my handy-dandy Soap Queen sticky pad and got to sniffing, noting, and dreaming of soap-to-be!


Without revealing too many details (I’ll be writing a post about my thoughts and those of my customers this weekend after the Downtown Chandler Art Walk), I sincerely LOVE Fragrances #2 and #3.  They are entirely different, but oh-so-inviting to the nose!!

Well, your votes are IN!  For the Art Walk this Friday, there will be S.O.A.P.y sniffy (and testy) samples of our ever-popular Fresh Sugar Scrubs for everyone to sniff and try!  These won’t be for sale, but there will be an array of new and exciting mystery scents for everyone to ponder!  We want your honest feedback people of Phoenix!   Don’t let us down! (no pressure! no pressure!)

We were given enough fragrance that we can also make some small, cold process soap batches here in the Soap4Squares test kitchen with our mystery fragrances.  Cold process soaping has been our passion for quite some time, and we look forward to seeing how these bad boys perform at trace, discolor (or not), and whether they really last in our soap!

We’re excited to get S.O.A.P.y guys!  Stay tuned to stay S.O.A.P.y with us over the next couple weeks!!


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