S.O.A.P. On The Streets

This weekend, we got S.O.A.P.y at the Downtown Chandler Art Walk!  We had a blast launching some new Soap4Squares products (keep an eye out for a blog post on those bad boys later this week!) but, we had the most fun discussing the new S.O.A.P. panel mystery fragrances with our customers!   Have we mentioned that Soap4Squares customers are the best ever??!  Well, they are!  As we previously announced here, we were chosen to participate in Bramble Berry‘s S.O.A.P. panel, testing all new mystery fragrances for soap, bath and body products!  And our amazing customers were ready and willing to help up sort out which fragrances should make the cut!


We decided to test our S.O.A.P.y fragrances in two ways: 1) Blend them in sugar scrubs and get in-person feedback from our rockin’ customers and 2) Test their performance in small batches of cold process soap.  This post covers our customers’ reactions to each mystery fragrance!  A blog post with pics on how the cold process testing went will be up later this week!

As the night went on, our amazing customers sniffed, cringed, ohh-ed and ahh-ed their way through seven brand-spankin’ new mystery fragrances for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful!


Each customer was handed a mystery fragrance sugar scrub labeled with a number, 1 through 7.  Each was asked to describe what they smelled, if they thought it would make a good bath or body product scent, and if they would actually buy it.   Their answers were recorded anonymously on a short S.O.A.P. questionnaire, and reviewed at the end of the evening.


There was a general consensus about a few of the fragrances.  Most were adored and a couple were disliked, which was to be expected.  What we were so wow-ed by however, was how our customers were able to pick out scents and fragrance notes we hadn’t noticed!  It’s amazing how different a fragrance can smell when someone points out a depth that you hadn’t previously noted.  Cuhrazy, but we liked it!

Here’s what our peeps thought about the S.O.A.P.y scents!


Scent1: The men liked it, almost all the women said they could live without it.  One tester said it reminded her of apple body spray from her junior high school days (that one got us laughing!)


Scent2: Nearly everyone loved this one!  One tester commented she wanted her husband to smell like it all the time.  Another tested said it was a classic “dude” scent.  Those testers that weren’t crazy about it said it was too clean for them, and they preferred softer fragrances in their body care items.


Scent3: A general consensus of lilacs, fresh cut grass, or a spring garden.  This one was received as OK.  People like it, few said they wanted it in their soap.


Scent4: There were two totally different views on this one, which surprised us!  Half the testers loved it and said it reminded them of a clean yet slightly fruity scent.  The other half despised it.  Reactions included it smells like “my grandma”, “lysol”, and “overly clean cotton”.  Hmmm…


Scent5: This was definitely a group favorite!  We received feedback of jolly rancher, pineapples and melons.  Only two testers found this overly sweet.


Scent6: Almost every tester detected coconut in this scent and described it as reminding them of a beach breeze.


Scent7: Very few people liked this one and described it as overly woodsy.  One tester who loved the scent however, described it as reminding her of a vintage bookstore.  Classic, if you will.


We have to say, our customers’ noses really do know what they want!   We are excited to see how these fragrances stick, morph or fade when used in cold process soap and can’t wait to share our findings with you!  I just love how a fragrance can really change in cold process soap making…its always exciting!! Yes, I am a soap nerd. =)  Thank you so much to everyone who came out to participate on Friday at the Art Walk (and especially to our sniffy photo models)!  We are super stoked to unmold our cold process batches and sum-up our testing experience for Bramble Berry.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “S.O.A.P. On The Streets

  1. That sounds like an absolute blast — and I totally love the pictures of your customers reactions, they are priceless. It’s always nice to get such a varied feedback on scents. Thanks for sharing! =)

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