Name. That. Brew! GIVEAWAY!

It’s a gorgeous day outside in sunny Phoenix and we want to spread the cheer with our amazing fans!  So we’re doing another giveaway!  Every season, we create a new delicious batch of our ever-popular Super Stout Beer Soap with a seasonal brew to match when the soap was made!  We only make one big batch per season, and the beer is always different!  We want to share one of our bars from this season’s batch with one lucky fan! The rules are simple.

Name. That. Brew!

brewgiveawayHow to play:

1. Guess which delicious beer (seen above) was used this season to make our Super Stout Beer Soap.

2. Write your answer in the comments section of this post! (click the little comment bubble in the top corner if a comment box isn’t showing up)

3. We’ll pick a winner at random from the correct guesses on April 28th!


The winner will receive one full-sized bar of our yummy Super Stout Beer Soap!

Ready….set…name that brew!!


(Hint: It’s a winter ale, as this batch was made over the winter season…it’s still on the shelves though!  Good luck!)


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