The Fizzy that Fought Back…

This week, I worked on some new bath fizzy scents and was rediculously excited to find a new scent blend for summer that I love!  A tropical, sweet and tart blend of Tropical Vacation fragrance oil and Lime fragrance oil from Bramble Berry!  Oh man, so good.  Soooo right.   I was so excited and proud of how my adventure worked out, I thought, “Hey!  Why not update your recipe too?  You’ve been meaning to, and you ARE on a roll with this soapy luck stuff!”.

Oh no.  Ohhhh no.  While my fragrance combo came together beautifully, adding cornstarch to my fizzy recipe went…well…less than smoothly.  Let’s just say, the fizzy fought back! (As evidenced by the fizzy-mix carnage on my tank top!)


Hey, sometimes, soapin’ ain’t easy.  (I feel like I should throw in a don’t hate the player, hate the game line here…)  Anyways!  The good news is: Bath fizzies are back in stock!  YAY!!


Currently available:  Sweet Meyer Lemon, Blueberry Bliss, Tropical Lime, and our ever-popular Namaste.

Want one??  You know you do!  Shop here!  We’ll make bath-time anything but square 😉


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