Testing! Testing! 1, 2, 3….7!

It has been a fabulous soapy ride being on the Bramble Berry Spring 2013 S.O.A.P. Team!  We had a blast getting customer feedback on our mystery fragrance sugar scrubs and now, we’ve been having even more fun testing these fragrances in cold process soaping.


We like our soaps heavily scented so we used a ratio of .5 ounces of mystery fragrance in 8 ounces of soap.   Things I look for when testing a fragrance are 1. Does it affect trace?  i.e. does it accelerate trace, does it rice, does it seize? etc. (all of those things can truly screw with a soapy-artistic-viosion!) 2. Does it discolor the soap batter?  Does it discolor over time? and 3.  Does the scent last?  Does it morph, change, or dissapear once its been in the soap for a few days/weeks/etc.  Well, (as usual) we couldn’t be happier with the results of the Bramble Berry mystery fragrances!  It was very important to us to try these fragrances in two different soaping mediums because fragrances really can be completely different depending on what medium you use them in!  Either way, we are always impressed with Bramble Berry fragrances, they never let us down! =)


We poured two 4 ounce bars of cold process soap for each fragrance with no added colorants (so we could see how the fragrance discolored or not).  We used our 12 bar silicone mold (perfect for testing), while  Fragrance #7 got to inhabit a fun flower silicone mold since we ran out of soap cavities!


Initially, there was slight discoloration in a couple of the fragrances (can you see it? for example, #2 is a little darker), and we only had two slightly accelerate trace (see how #3 and #5 are a little thicker).  They didn’t even really technically accelerate trace, they just got slightly thicker faster =)

We sprayed the tops of each soap with rubbing alcohol, prayed the little soda ash demons would stay at bay, insulated the soap for 24 hours, and then let these bad boys rest in the mold for 48 hours.  It was a painful 48 hours!  The suspense of an impending soap un-molding is terrible!


We were surprised to un-mold the soap and find that indeed, some things about our mystery fragrances had changed!!  The scents…the colors…they were all slightly different.  A lovely scented beige rainbow, if you will!  The photo above is from 1 week after the soap bars were poured.  Notice the difference in colors!


Want to know what we think about the scents and colors now that some time has gone by?  Yes?  Well…ok then!  We’ve photographed each fragrance bottle with the soap it produced for a soapy dramatic effect…Here we go!


Scent #1:

This scent soaped beautifully.  No acceleration, just a nice smooth soap batter.  No real discoloration either!  And the scent, which we weren’t crazy about before, changed to a delicate and fresh crisp apple with a hint of floral musk.


Scent #2:

This soap immediately discolored a little darker beige but didn’t darken too much more over time.  We didn’t notice any trace acceleration.  This is still our favorite scent of the lot!  It smells so clean and fresh.  It’s a simple cologne of spice and a clean element we couldn’t quite find the perfect word for.  Absolutely lovely.  (After curing, this soap really smells great…not so manly, could be a unisex scent!)


Scent #3:

This fragrance did accelerate, but only slightly, which was surprising considering it was a floral!  (they are notorious quick-tracers!) I was a bit disappointed in the change this fragrance went through.  It lost many of it’s subtle flowery notes in curing and ended up smelling more like fresh cut grass than a fresh bouquet of flowers!


Scent #4:

This fragrance soaped beautifully and had no discoloration.  Initially, out of the bottle it was very clean with a hint of citrus.  Cure time eliminated most of the citrus notes but it still smelled great!  Like a floral powdery fabric softener.  It was so delicate and light, very nice!  (although I did miss the citrus! You know I love citrus!)


Scent #5:

This fragrance did accelerate on us a bit, but it had very little discoloration over time. This fragrance changed quite a bit in our opinion.  It lost many of it’s subtle warm notes and turned pretty tart.   It reminds us of tart jolly ranchers, only less sweet.


Scent #6:

This fragrance did not accelerate but was a darker shade of beige after curing than when it started!  This scent became even more lovely after curing.  It smells like a blend of airy baby powder, fresh flowers, and a hint of warm amber.  It was classy yet very clean and light.  I love it!


Scent #7:

This fragrance did not discolor or accelerate.  I think one of our testers at the Art Walk hit the nail on the head when they said it smells like a used book store.  Very heavy, earthy, sandalwood-y.  Now, I love the smell of a good, old, library book.  Ahh, I can almost hear the crinkle of the plastic cover!  I just don’t love smelling like one!  This fragrance would be perfect for those who love woodsy, outdoorsy, musky scents.  And it moved so slow, it would be fantastic for more intricate designs!

We are so grateful to Bramble Berry for this opportunity!  We are also super grateful to our fans who have helped us test our way through this process.  You guys rock!!

Want a bar of these test soaps to try for yourself?  We’ve got one of each available!  Shoot us an email at info@soap4squares.com.  We’ll send you a bar if its still available, just pay the shipping =)

Shop Soap4Squares to keep bath-time anything but square 😉


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