Coming soon to an order near you!

We la-la-la-loooove packaging our soaps in fun and unique ways.  At our Art Walks and Farmer’s Markets, we sell our soap “naked”, i.e. without packaging.  It keeps prices down and allows our customers to get up-close-and-personal with our soapy creations!  As a result however, we miss out on delivering our products in a fun and crafty way.  We’ve decided we shall miss out no more!  Now, when you order online with Soap4Squares, you’ll receive your soaps packaged in fun and unique wrapping!   We want this to be fun for everyone (us and you), so the way your soap is packaged will be a surprise! Unless, of course, you request specific colors or you have ordered a custom gift/favor order (then of course, we will work with you to create custom packaging for your event!!)

Here is a sneak peak of some of the new fun packaging we’ve sent out this week!  (I know you see that washi tape box! If you follow us on Pinterest, you know we love love love washi tape!)


Hello!  I’m a fun box of soapy goodness!!


Quirky, cute and fun!  = )

Want your own fun soapy box?  We’ve got you covered!  If you want to get the soap in a “naked” brown kraft box you can decorate yourself, we’ll do that too!  Just write us a message on Etsy and we’ll make it happen!

Soap4Squares…anything but square!


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