Hey! I’m back!

What do you mean you didn’t even know I was gone?! hehe =)

Well, the last six weeks have been a true roller coaster ride of traveling and crafting fun!  While on my journey I met some amazing people with a sincere love for life and beautiful artsy things (guest posts from a few of those lovelies coming soon!).  Despite all the fun I had, I’m kinda tired and don’t really feel like writing this week…which makes maintaining a blog a wee bit difficult!  I can already tell I’ll need a coffee to kick start my projects this weekend.  (heavy sigh)  In the coming weeks I’m going to be creating a custom brand-spankin’ new Fall soap for the Bramble Berry Soap Swap, master batching my soapy oils, and detoxing from all the road food I ate (yick) with lots of good vegan chow.  I’ll do my best to share all my adventures with you!  But seriously, this whole writing thing might be a struggle for a day or two…of five.  Anywho!


Since inspiration and fabulous creativity isn’t flowing from me just yet, I wanted to share one of my favorite finds from my journey with you!  I wandered into a vintage bookstore in Charleston, South Carolina, and found a pile of blue books with letters painted on them.  As it turns out, the store uses these old books to spell out words for window displays.  Once the display is done, they sell them for cheap!  Feeling lucky, I picked up a book that just..felt right.  I opened it to a random passage that detailed a man ordering a fancy pastry from a cafe in France while saying something witty and fun.  I figured, what the hey!  I love books.  I love pastries.  I even love France.  Sounds good to me!  Well, the book turned out to be one of the my favorite random reads!  On a side note, I must admit I think a great deal of the book’s charm was in the old fabric bindings, red trimmed pages, and musty-vintage smell.  Gosh, I love a good book =)


Alright kiddos, stay nerdy (and square).

For the bestest soapy goodies (yes, bestest is a word…I think…), shop Soap4Squares!  Keep an eye out for our new soaps and the like, available late July 2013!!


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