Soap…there’s an app for that?!

How many soapers out there can relate to the joys and qualms of a  hand-written soap-recipe book?  The joys of looking back on hand-written notes and remembering each batch of soap….and then struggling to decipher what you actually wrote because you were rushing and your handwriting is practically hieroglyphic, or because you spilled soap batter/fragrance oil/etc on the ink and it’s no longer legible???


Well, over time, I’ve amassed my favorite tried and true recipes, testing/batch notes, blog ideas, vegan recipes and everything else soaping/crafting/cooking related in one little magical, battered notebook.  I must admit, the poor thing has all the above listed issues!



Inside, the recipes are smeared…


There are notes I don’t remember writing…and I have NO idea what they mean…random numbers?? Ok, Andrea, that makes sense??


And it’s overall condition is somewhat lacking!

I never gave it much thought…never really imagined a different way of doing soapy business.  Well, I just happened to stumble onto the Soap Queen blog (ok, ok, I’m there daily.  No stumbling required) and I saw a post about the Bramble Berry Soap App for iPad, iPhone and Android.  I was intrigued…


For only $2.99, I thought it was the perfect price to give it a whirl!  Today was the start of my soap making for the holiday season…I made nine, 5 pound batches of soap…I know, cray cray!  I decided to take the new app for a spin to see how it faired against my tried and not-always-true method of handwritten notes.


In short, I loved it! Easy to read, easy to use, and cheap!  The only glitch I found was the app would close if I tried to enter in too much information without saving.  Otherwise, the features are wonderful.  The app calculates the lye and liquid amounts for you based on your oil choices and amounts.  You can take notes on individual batches, attach photos, and there are even a few recipes already included.  I added a couple of mine in, and alas, at the end of my soapy session all my recipes were still in tact and readable!  Hooray!  I’ll be adding batch photos once I unmold in a few days.  It will be nice to have everything in soapy order!  Can’t wait!

Want your own soap app?  Click here to get the details on the Soap Queen website.

Want some fun soap?  Click here to shop Soap4Squares!


How do you track your recipes, batch results and crafting ideas?  





Note: The reviews, statements, and opinions in this blog are my own and are not affiliated with any company or advertising purpose.


2 thoughts on “Soap…there’s an app for that?!

  1. Thanks for the review, Andrea! I am so glad that you liked it — we’ve been working hard on getting it up and running. 🙂 I also really appreciate the feedback and I will pass it onto our app developers. Happy Soaping!

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