Patience and Dealing with Soapy Disappointment

I have always heard patience is a virtue in the science and art of soap making.  And despite my lack of that virtue, so far, I’ve been lucky.  Every batch I have unmolded early turned out OK.  Every time I took a peek at a curing loaf of fresh soap (which is a no-no by the way!), the soda ash that followed wasn’t terribly bad.  Well, my lack of patience has finally gotten the best of me.  *sigh*


I recently made a delicious smelling batch of pumpkin pie chocolate espresso beer soap (yes, it’s a mouth full, but so worth it!).  I was so excited to get the batch to rest so I could unmold it I forgot to tamp my mold on the counter, i.e. bang the mold a bit to ensure any remaining air bubbles were released from the soap batter.  Again, *sigh*.


What resulted was a yummy smelling batch of soap with cute little brown sparkle-y swirls…and air bubbles.  Lots of air bubbles!  Again, for a third time, *sigh*

The soap is fine to use however; it looks a little funny in some parts!  :/


I share this dissapointment with you for two reasons.

1.  Be patient while soaping!  Soap making is an art, yes, but it is also a science and therefore, requires attention to detail and proper process.  Had I paid closer attention to my soaping process, I would have followed normal procedure and tamped my mold after pouring the batter.  The above pictured air bubbles may have been avoided.

2. This soap is not lost!  There are ways to deal with a dissapointing batch of soap!  Never turn your back on your soapy creations!  They’re beautiful to someone in some way!  How you ask?  Grate them down and make laundry soap, grate them down and make rebatch, wrap them up all pretty and give them as gifts (I guarantee your friends and family do not care there is an air bubble in your soap…especially when it’s free!), donate the bars to a charity, or lastly, sell the dern thangs!  Either on sale as an “oops!” or full priced!  Depending on the scale of your oops, resale is possible!

Well, these beauties were for a soap swap in August.  I still plan to use them because they smell so good but, if I have time, I just might pour another batch (hopefully without air bubbles!!) and give these bad boys to friends and family who are always asking about my soapy creations!

In short, stay positive, creative…and patient!!



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