Soapy Swap Ships Out & An Up-cycling Obsession

We are so excited about the Bramble Berry Soap swap!!


Our goodies went out Monday (Chocolate Espresso Pumpkin Cold Process Beer Soap), and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic handmade goodies we get in return!



As soon as the goody box arrives, we’ll post it!

In the mean time, we’ve been on a cleaning rampage!  As I’ve mentioned, I adore reading.  In the stone age (ha!) before I had a kindle, I would buy paperback books…eek!  I know right? =)  Well, as such, I have a ton of books with nowhere to go. Sticking with our nerdy theme, I’ve been using them as up-cycled decoration on gift boxes lately!


I just love the crafty, hand-made, up-cycled look of the book pages as flowers!


We hope you’re having a crafty and productive week.  Thank goodness its almost Friday!



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