It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Holy Cow, tomorrow is October 1st!  Where has this year gone?!  We’ve got less than three months until Christmas (yikes!) and I am determined to NOT let it sneak up on me this year.  “I solemnly swear I will not get caught up in the holiday rush at the mall on Christmas Eve!” (No really…stop laughing!!)

Easier said than done, I know, I know.  But at Soap4Squares, we want to help you make that vow a reality this year!

As you know, we wrap and label our products minimally to save you money and keep the earth clean!  We do understand however, that a special occasion requires a special touch.  So, we now carry super eco-friendly recyclable kraft gift packaging in our online store!


We totally understand that sometimes you just don’t know how to make that little bar of soap, or oddly shaped jar of sugar scrub, look attractive under the tree!  No worries, we take all the guess work out of it.  We wrap it for you!


Each sweet little box comes fully assembled with your gift inside.  We carefully hand stamp each box with a holiday greeting or picture and wrap them up with festive twine!  Each one is classic, handmade, and good for mother earth…what’s not to love?  We currently offer two sizes…soap box and large scrub box.  Soap Boxes are 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches.  The perfect fit for any of our soapy creations!  The large scrub box is 4 x 4 x 4, making it the perfect wrapping for a sweet sugar scrub, salt scrub, salt soak, bath bomb, or up to 3 bars of soap!  (Clearly the economical choice when buying that special someone three or more bars!!)


You choose the size and the color scheme!  Red is is stamped with a message “Don’t Open Until Dec. 25th” while green is a cute little holiday spruce!

Love the boxes without the soap?  No worries, we sell them separately too!  Our sweet little boxes are the perfect wrapping accessory for jewelry, gift cards, and other small hard-to-wrap gifts!

Want to buy in bulk?  Send us an email!  We can ship the boxes flat or “deconstructed” for a cheaper shipping price!  You’ll just fold them up and tie on the twine once they arrive!

We’ve added the holiday wrapping so far, but keep your eyes peeled for Birthday, Baby Shower, and Wedding wrapping as well!

We hope these make your holidays anything but square 😉   What are you waiting for?  Plan ahead for a cute and classic hand made holiday here!


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