Scrub A Dub Dub…

Quick post tonight…we’re in love….with our salt scrubs!


We adore sugar scrubs.  You know we started with them, and they’ll always be our first love.  But move ovah sugah!  There’s a new scrub in town!  And it comes in a super cute (and super reusable/recyclable!!) mason jar!


We used naturally colored and gorgeous pink himalayan sea salt to create a cutesie (yet tough!) Pink Grapefruit Salt Scrub!  These bad boys are made with a blend of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter.  They aren’t loaded down with oils (so no mixing, yay!) but they still leave your skin smooth and hydrated.


Like we said, LOVE =)


Try one for yourself!  They’ll keep your winter skin anything but square (ok, so that line didn’t really work.  But, it’s our tag line…had to try it!)

Shop Soap4Squares now and git you some!


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