What’s New!

Well, we’ve been busy little bees here at Soap4Squares and we’ve totally neglected the poor blog (all together now “Awwww!!”).  No worries though!  We neglected it to make new soap goodies!  (See?  All better!)


honeyoat5Honey Oat Mask & Facial Scrub – So Dreamy!

We’ve got new soaps, sugar scrubs, and gift packaging, “oh my!” =)

naturalsoap“The Natural” – A gorgeous block of unscented bliss!

We’ve also discovered Vine and we love it!!

Making the Cranberry Fig Swirl goodness!

We are super stoked to show everyone how we produce our soaps and scrubs!  Lately, I’ve been soaping late at night when work is done and the toddler is in dreamland, so the light kinda stinks. No worries, there is bound to be a weekend soap session bathed in natural light soon enough! =)

peppymintsoapThe Peppymint Soap Bar – Sweet, mmmminty goodness!

sprucesoapSweet Spruce Swirl – Not your typical bar of pine!

peppyscrub3Peppymint Sugar Scrub – Holiday Fun!

We are stoked for the holidays and are gearing up for our favorite time of year…the holiday Downtown Chandler Art Walks!  This month, there is a “zombie” theme.  I’m not sure I can hang with selling soap while I look un-dead, but we’ll see what we can do!

pumpkinscrub3Warm and inviting Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrubs!  


spice3Our Classic Holiday Spice Soap – a mis-coloring fiasco ended up being our favorite bar of this season!

Want to get some new soapy goodies for someone special (*cough cough…holidays are coming!)?  Check out our Etsy store online here!



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