What’s New (Already?!)

I know, I know, we JUST did a what’s new!  Well, what can I say.  We’ve been soaping up a storm over here and just HAD to share our newest creations with you!


The bright, effervescent and up-lifting Scent-sational Citrus!


The decadent and creamy Espresso Fudge!  Oh goodness, it smells as good as it sounds.  Amazing!


A bright, sweet and floral bar of Violet Fields.  A sweet surprise during the dreary winter months!


Personally, our new favorite!  A sensual, manly shave & body bar…the Charcoal Shave & Body Bar…aka “The Dude” (as it was dubbed by our Art Walk Customers! HA!)


For the nature lover…Pure Patchouli!  Gentle yet effective crushed walnuts make this woodsy bar a contendah!


Another foodie-fave!  The Caramel Crunch Brownie Bar.  It’s sweet, sparkly and oh-so-fun.  Just don’t eat it! 😉

Craving a new bar of soap?  Or maybe you see the perfect gift for that special someone?  Order now in our online store!

As usual, many of our soaps are limited edition so get ’em while the gettin’s good! 😉


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