Welcome to the Soap4Squares blog!  Here you will find news, photos, business updates, and other random information from Soap4Squares ( a.k.a. Pretty much the most awesome soap company…Ever…We’re just slightly biased about these facts =)…)


Soap4Squares is a small family owned and operated soap biz that aims to make..well, soap for squares!  We want to make fun, unique, high-quality, and affordable bath and body products for the “soap nerds” out there!  If you love soap as much as we do, check us out!   We’ll make bath time anything but square! 😉


Find us online everywhere, and never be without your soapy updates!

Twitter: @soap4squares

Instagram: @soap4squares

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Soap4Squares

Etsy: http://www.soap4squares.etsy.com


Thanks for stopping by!  Want to request a custom order?  Ask a soapy question?  Or just chew the fat?  Shoot us an email!



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