It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Holy Cow, tomorrow is October 1st!  Where has this year gone?!  We’ve got less than three months until Christmas (yikes!) and I am determined to NOT let it sneak up on me this year.  “I solemnly swear I will not get caught up in the holiday rush at the mall on Christmas Eve!” (No really…stop laughing!!)

Easier said than done, I know, I know.  But at Soap4Squares, we want to help you make that vow a reality this year!

As you know, we wrap and label our products minimally to save you money and keep the earth clean!  We do understand however, that a special occasion requires a special touch.  So, we now carry super eco-friendly recyclable kraft gift packaging in our online store!


We totally understand that sometimes you just don’t know how to make that little bar of soap, or oddly shaped jar of sugar scrub, look attractive under the tree!  No worries, we take all the guess work out of it.  We wrap it for you!


Each sweet little box comes fully assembled with your gift inside.  We carefully hand stamp each box with a holiday greeting or picture and wrap them up with festive twine!  Each one is classic, handmade, and good for mother earth…what’s not to love?  We currently offer two sizes…soap box and large scrub box.  Soap Boxes are 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches.  The perfect fit for any of our soapy creations!  The large scrub box is 4 x 4 x 4, making it the perfect wrapping for a sweet sugar scrub, salt scrub, salt soak, bath bomb, or up to 3 bars of soap!  (Clearly the economical choice when buying that special someone three or more bars!!)


You choose the size and the color scheme!  Red is is stamped with a message “Don’t Open Until Dec. 25th” while green is a cute little holiday spruce!

Love the boxes without the soap?  No worries, we sell them separately too!  Our sweet little boxes are the perfect wrapping accessory for jewelry, gift cards, and other small hard-to-wrap gifts!

Want to buy in bulk?  Send us an email!  We can ship the boxes flat or “deconstructed” for a cheaper shipping price!  You’ll just fold them up and tie on the twine once they arrive!

We’ve added the holiday wrapping so far, but keep your eyes peeled for Birthday, Baby Shower, and Wedding wrapping as well!

We hope these make your holidays anything but square 😉   What are you waiting for?  Plan ahead for a cute and classic hand made holiday here!


Soapy Swap Ships Out & An Up-cycling Obsession

We are so excited about the Bramble Berry Soap swap!!


Our goodies went out Monday (Chocolate Espresso Pumpkin Cold Process Beer Soap), and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic handmade goodies we get in return!



As soon as the goody box arrives, we’ll post it!

In the mean time, we’ve been on a cleaning rampage!  As I’ve mentioned, I adore reading.  In the stone age (ha!) before I had a kindle, I would buy paperback books…eek!  I know right? =)  Well, as such, I have a ton of books with nowhere to go. Sticking with our nerdy theme, I’ve been using them as up-cycled decoration on gift boxes lately!


I just love the crafty, hand-made, up-cycled look of the book pages as flowers!


We hope you’re having a crafty and productive week.  Thank goodness its almost Friday!


Coming soon to an order near you!

We la-la-la-loooove packaging our soaps in fun and unique ways.  At our Art Walks and Farmer’s Markets, we sell our soap “naked”, i.e. without packaging.  It keeps prices down and allows our customers to get up-close-and-personal with our soapy creations!  As a result however, we miss out on delivering our products in a fun and crafty way.  We’ve decided we shall miss out no more!  Now, when you order online with Soap4Squares, you’ll receive your soaps packaged in fun and unique wrapping!   We want this to be fun for everyone (us and you), so the way your soap is packaged will be a surprise! Unless, of course, you request specific colors or you have ordered a custom gift/favor order (then of course, we will work with you to create custom packaging for your event!!)

Here is a sneak peak of some of the new fun packaging we’ve sent out this week!  (I know you see that washi tape box! If you follow us on Pinterest, you know we love love love washi tape!)


Hello!  I’m a fun box of soapy goodness!!


Quirky, cute and fun!  = )

Want your own fun soapy box?  We’ve got you covered!  If you want to get the soap in a “naked” brown kraft box you can decorate yourself, we’ll do that too!  Just write us a message on Etsy and we’ll make it happen!

Soap4Squares…anything but square!

Easter Prep & Last Minute Gift Ideas…

Bunnies and eggs and candy, oh my! 🙂  I am so excited for Easter this year!  We are doing our first Easter egg hunt with RJ.  Next weekend will be jam packed so today, I’m prepping his basket and having a blast!

IMG_3577I know you see that ombre blue Easter basket!  RJ is just so trendy!

IMG_3578Packing eggs for his first egg hunt has been fun however, I had to keep repeating “I will not eat all my child’s candy.  I will not eat all my child’s candy!” Those Reese’s eggs are my fav!  Apparently they are my husband’s also…I found a few empty wrappers in the bag!

IMG_3579Success! I can’t wait until he gets his hands on that bubble gun…it’s going to get real!  Now to keep him from finding it for a week…

Now on to gifts!  For just about every holiday I like to take my friends and coworkers a little something to feel festive!  This year its still chilly enough at night in Arizona for a fire, a drink, and conversation with good friends.  With that theme in mind, and my love for peeps, I made an adorable little Easter favor that is fun and functional for this time of year (that won’t take an hour to bake in the kitchen)!   These are adapted from an adorable Valentine’s Day favor idea from…where else?…Pinterest!


Peeps S’mores 

Makes 8 peep favors – Time – 20-30 minutes

Eight Bunny Peeps

8 graham crackers

4 full size chocolate bars

Favor bags/sandwich bags

Colorful paper or cards



Optional: Ribbon

Break each chocolate bar and graham cracker in half.  Divide your materials into piles of two graham cracker halves, one chocolate bar half, and one bunny peep.


Place your graham crackers, chocolate square, and bunny peep into individual favor bags (found in your local craft store or the party section of some grocery stores – note: a sandwich bag will also work).  Switch up how you place the ingredients in the bags until you find a combination you like.  I prefer the bunny Peep on display in the front!


Cut your colorful paper or cards into small squares.

IMG_3585Now write fun Easter and s’mores messages on the cards to let peeps (ha get it?) know what the gift is and what it’s for!

IMG_3586Here is where you can make this a truly last minute gift or a crafty work of genius!  You can either staple the card to the bag or slip it inside with the contents OR you can punch a hole in the card and the treat bag and secure the tag to the bag with a pretty pastel ribbon! (Can we say run-on sentence?!)


RJ’s nap time was nearly over when I made these so I opted for the staple to the bag route.  I might spruce them up later!

We hope your Easter prep is going well too and that next weekend is fun, filled with family and care-free!

Have a favorite Easter gift or craft?  We’d love to see it!


St. Patty’s Inspiration: Part 1

It’s that green time of year again and oh how we love Pinterest for its crafty inspiration!  Right now you can find a number of pins inspiring fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day holiday crafts for toddlers!   RJ loves to paint so we decided on two crafty excursions that allowed him to paint and create adorable gifts for the grandparents!

First up, was the long distance “hug” (so cute).



Using yellow construction paper, your toddler, and washable finger paints, make two green handprints near the center of the construction paper.  Once dry, cut around the handprints to form two circular “gold coins”.  With green ribbon approximately 1 ft long, use white school glue to paste each end of the ribbon to the back of each gold coin hand print.  (When stretched out it should look like a long dumbbell).  Allow to dry overnight to set the glue.  Now grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc, can get a “hug” from where ever they are in the mail!

Next we made RJ’s “leprechaun foot prints” next to his “pot of gold”!



He really enjoyed this one as it used his feet, fun tactile ribbons, glue AND paint!  This one kept us busy for a good 15 minutes or so!  (And warning, required a bit of cleanup!  Protect your surfaces!!)



Using washable finger paints, make two green footprints in a walking pattern on the left side of white construction paper.  Allow to dry.  Using an old egg crate as a paint container (see pic below), guide your toddler through the colors of the rainbow one at a time to paint a “rainbow” on your sheet.  This was a great learning experience, teaching him the colors! Once dry, use white school glue to make a grid of glue just below the bottom of your rainbow.  Give your tot pieces of cut up gold ribbon to press into the glue lines in any pattern they want!  Once they are done, a little TLC with the glue to get all the ribbons to stick might be necessary!

Allow to dry over night, then hang or ship to where ever you desire!  Grandparents love a little visit from their favorite leprechaun! 🙂

My favorite accessory in finger paint operations is an old egg crate.  Its an easy tool to organize colors and allow your tot to safely paint on their own!  Also, easy and quick cleanup!  With as many colors as we had, I’d say this carton was a success!


Part 2: St. Patrick’s Day Baking Inspiration coming soon!  And don’t forget to clean up after craft time with fun soaps from Soap4Squares!


Make Art, Use Soap!

Our little guy LOVES to get messy.  Therefore, it is truly a blessing there is always some soap lying around to clean him up!  This weekend we explored the adventures of finger painting!  Anyone who has ever seen any toddler knows that everything they touch goes directly into their mouths.  It’s pretty awesome sometimes, the things we find him trying to eat! (note: sarcasm – it is not awesome to find your child eating dirt! hehe)

Enter: Edible Finger Paints! (Thank you Momtastic on Pinterest for your inspiration!)


RJ loved these!! Yes, he ate the paint almost as often as he actually painted with it BUT he had a blast and I could let him paint/explore freely without worry!

Edible Finger Paints:

2 tbsp white sugar

1/3 cup white flour

2 cups water

Pinch table salt

Plastic (I used Solo) cups

Food coloring

Mixing Utensils

Directions: In a small sauce pan, whisk the sugar, flour, salt and water together over medium heat.  Continue stirring constantly until the mixture is thick and a little bubbly.  It takes a few minutes but when the mixture thickens it happens quickly.  Keep your eye on the stove so you don’t make glue! 🙂

Divide the mixture evenly into as many cups as you’d like (I used four colors = four cups!).  Add as little or as much food coloring as you’d like to each cup until your desired color is achieved.  I noticed that with 4-6 drops of coloring, the paints were a nice hue but slightly translucent on the paper.  Just sayin!

Allow to cool, and let your little tot paint to their heart’s content!


I used an old egg carton to keep the paints separated and accessible for small hands/fingers.  Had I given him the cups my kitchen would have been done for!

Don’t forget, clean up is anything but square with Soap4Squares!