Soap4Squares Soapy Social Media Update

Wow! This holiday season has been amazing and it’s only the beginning of November!  We are so grateful to all of our wonderful customers who continue to make each and every event, sale, and soapy transaction a blast!  You all rock!

As many of you know, we soap where the mood takes us.  This means 1. We are what you might call “soapy hippies” and 2. New soaps are coming out all the time, in addition to your tried-and-true favorites!  We are always asked “How do I find you online?” or “How can I find out what the new soaps of the month will be?”

The answer is simple: our social media outlets!  We have quite a few ways to follow us online, and we wanted to give you an update on our soapy world of social media so you’ll know where to find us!  Follow us on these apps and sites to get updates and fun pics wherever we’re posting each week!  Now, you’ll never miss out on a Soap4Squares update!

1. We’re on Facebook!  Head on over to our Facebook Fan Page!  This is the BEST way to get real-time information on sales, new products, event locations and times where you can come out and meet up with us to buy some soapy goodies and chat!  We love to see and hear from our soapy customers!  Feel free to post a picture or status update about your newest or favorite soapy Soap4Squares item with the hashtag #soap4squares and we’ll be sure to see it!


“Sugary” scene of our newest scrubs at a recent Soap4Squares Art Walk table, sent out over our Facebook fan page!


We let our Art Walk customers know there were plenty of sweet treats up for grabs, along with our soapy ones, on our Facebook fan page this October! 

2. We Tweet! Now, I must admit…I have a hard time tweeting on a regular basis!  There, I said it.  I feel so much better! =)  The truth is, we love Twitter because it allows us to follow our fans and customers in real time, just as you are following us!  Follow us on twitter for an instant connection to our Facebook wall feed, upcoming product photos, random soapy thoughts, and our favorite thoughts from fans and other soapy friends!


A fun new Charcoal Shave & Body Soap we revealed on our Facebook and Twitter sites!

3. We get soapy on Vine!  We ADORE this app for iPhone that allows us to take quick videos of anything from pouring fresh soap, cutting a brand new loaf of handmade soap, or even our initial reactions to test batches, scent sniffings, and soapy outings!  We’ve just gotten started on Vine, but definitely check us out.  We love the app and are there to stay!  Search for us as Soap4Squares!!

Click the link above to see a quick vine of us cutting our Sweet Spruce Soap!  So yummy and so fun! (Sorry, we couldn’t figure out how to get the video to show up here without following a link!  Whoops! We’ll work on it!)

4. We Instagram!  We adore this outlet for fun, interesting, and (dare we say) downright artistic photos of soap!  It’s a great way to share our newest soapy creations, fan photos and videos!  We’d love to see what you’re up to also!  Make sure to share your fave Soap4Squares photos with the hashtag #soap4squares so we can check them out!

Here are some of our favorite Instagram photos from the Soap4Squares account this week!

And finally, you can always find out what is available in our online store!  We do reserve special soaps, scrubs, and body butters for our Art Walks and Farmer’s Markets, but almost everything we make can be found online.  As mentioned earlier, we soap where the mood takes us.  Once a batch of soap is gone, we can’t promise we’ll make it again, so get it while it’s soapy! =)

We can’t wait to hear from you on our soapy social media sites!  Definitely drop by, send us a pic, and say hey!

Do you have a social media site to share?  We’d love to know!  Leave us a comment below!